Bedding Industries of America | Over 100 years of Hand Crafting America’s Best Mattresses

Behind the Scenes.

As one of the largest leading mattress manufacturers in North America, we recognize our opportunity and responsibility to affect positive change — Across these efforts, we’re focused on reducing our impact where we have the greatest environmental footprint – In our factory.

Solar powered factory

Bedding Industries of America has 300 kW solar panels on the top of their factory, which not only provides power for their operations, but exceeds their daily demand for office and manufacturing needs. This allows them to provide the excess generated power back to the electrical grid.

On April 16, 2018 for example, BIA was powered entirely by solar energy, selling back a surplus of 95kWh.

The solar array can also lower the amount of sunlight that hits the roof during the summer months, altering the temperature and keeping the factory cooler. This is beneficial not only for the employees, who get a reprieve from the relentless summer sun, but also the factory equipment.

Reduced carbon footprint

A carbon footprint is the total amount of greenhouse gases produced directly and indirectly from our human activities. For the current 365 day cycle, Bedding Industries of America produced 359,000 kWh of energy via solar power, reducing their carbon footprint by around 60%.

What does that mean? If all of the factory’s electrical energy came from the grid, like traditional homes, businesses, and factories, their carbon footprint would be much higher. Carbon footprint may seem like an abstract concept, but it has real world consequences.

“The reduction in carbon footprint impacts the forest by reducing the amount of new trees that would have to be planted to sequester the metric tons of Co2 gas produced each year.” (Mike Campbell, VP of Operational Systems BIA)