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There are several types of mattresses (not including water or air mattresses):

These mattresses are most common. They contain metal, coiled spring units above which, layers of padding and/or foam are placed for added comfort and support. Hundreds of steel wire springs work together to adjust to the body’s movements while still providing even support. No other sleep surface offers this unique “reverse support” that allows everybody (lightweights to heavyweights) equal comfort from the same mattress. Additionally, innersprings contain free flowing air circulation throughout the mattress, which prevents heat buildup. This prevents additional perspiration, which will keep you more comfortable and your mattress lasting longer.

Encased Coil
Also known as pocketed or Marshall coil. Instead of traditional spring units, these mattresses contain coiled, springs each individually encased in a soft fabric. Still being a spring unit, you can expect the same flowing air circulation. Though, these units differ from innersprings in that they allow specific springs to adjust to your body without affecting the entire unit. As a result, you’ll experience greater body contouring, superior pressure point relief, and little to no partner disturbance.

Foam mattresses are quickly becoming more and more popular throughout the industry. These mattresses are built purely of foam, whether it contains memory foam, natural latex, convoluted foam or otherwise. Foam mattresses ¬¬work well to provide equally distributed, contouring body support while still focusing on natural spinal alignment and supreme comfort.

Memory Foam
In recent years, memory foam has made a huge impression in the mattress industry, both literally and figuratively. This NASA technology is a visco-elastic, high density, polyurethane material greatly receptive to the body’s shape – like no other sleep surface. The materials unique ability to mold itself after the user results in a broader support system. Memory foam softens in response to heat, which gives this technology unmatched varying pressure support: the foam adjusts according to the specific concentration of body heat. This allows memory foam to adjust its level of support depending on both your sleep style and body’s shape.

Latex Foam
Latex foam is considered by many to be the industry’s top of the line sleep surface. Similar to memory foam, latex contours to the body’s unique shape; however, latex is a denser, more supportive foam that provides needed resistance and spinal support. Additionally, latex is an open-cell technology, which allows for air circulation and the prevention of potential heat energy buildup. Latex is 100% natural derived from the milk sap of the Hevea Brasiliensis or rubber tree. This all natural, organic material is extremely durable and especially long lasting.

Of these different mattress types, many are available in each of BIA’s five comfort levels:

Ultra Plush
Luxury Firm
Cushion Firm

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